No-Till, No Problem

Graves-Chapple founded to elaborate on no-till theme

This story also appears in our University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Research Center Magazine. Stop by your local Research Center to pick up a copy! There are numerous tillage systems utilized by landowners across Missouri, including plow, chisel, disk or strip-till. Tillage is…

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Connecting with the Community

Graves, Chapple families key to Research Center development

It all started with a letter, written in the late 1980s, by a handful of agriculture agents located in northwest Missouri. The letter was addressed to then-University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Dean Roger Mitchell and was written by Wayne Flanary, agronomy specialist; Bob Chapple, ag engineer; Mike…

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Weather Updates at Your Fingertips

Missouri Mesonet offers real-time weather updates across the state

It was 25 years ago when Pat Guinan, with the help of the University of Missouri’s Extension Commercial Agriculture Program, established the first of a small network of automated weather stations in northwest Missouri. The network, known as the Missouri Mesonet, now includes 34 weather stations – 24 of which provide real-time weather…

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Promoting Environmental Stewardship

MDA Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program rewards responsible stewards

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has always put a strong focus on commending farmers, producers, ranchers and landowners who are good stewards of the resources in their care. The Missouri Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program was unveiled in 2015 to acknowledge and reward those responsible stewards. MDA has certified nearly 90…

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Study Shows Cover Crops Help Soils After Flooding

MU Extension planted a variety of cover crops at Graves-Chapple Research Center

A four-year study by University of Missouri Extension seeks to find how cover crops can best benefit soils after flooding and prevented planting. MU Extension agronomist Wayne Flanary shared initial results at a recent crop advisers meeting in St. Joseph. The study looks at the impact of cover crops in the recovery of flooded…

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