Missouri River

Study Shows Cover Crops Help Soils After Flooding

MU Extension planted a variety of cover crops at Graves-Chapple Research Center

A four-year study by University of Missouri Extension seeks to find how cover crops can best benefit soils after flooding and prevented planting. MU Extension agronomist Wayne Flanary shared initial results at a recent crop advisers meeting in St. Joseph. The study looks at the impact of cover crops in the recovery of flooded soils. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service funded the…

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In the Trenches

Students explore Missouri to unpack complex agricultural and environmental issues

Be prepared to get your boots muddy. That just might be the most important piece of advice aspiring journalists receive and it’s a literal and metaphorical creed that Bill Allen, assistant professor of science journalism in the College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources’ (CAFNR) Science and Agricultural Journalism Program, tells each student who boards the bus for a three-day,…

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After the Flood, an Opportunity

Trials underway to find out if inoculated soybeans are worth extra cost

Inoculated soybean seeds The water has receded, and the levees have been rebuilt. But the impact of last year’s flood—like tons of sand that now cover formerly fertile fields—lingers on. One year ago the levees gave way in Northwest Missouri, and the Big Muddy flooded tens of thousands of acres. Unlike previous floods in the region, the water stuck around for more than three months. This…

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